Hear About Our Conference From Our Past and Present Guests...

Charlaine Harris, Author, Sookie Stackhouse novel, basis for HBO hit series True Blood

I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to a more responsive group. I had a wonderful time from start to finish. A great way to have fun while learning a little something about the craft and business of writing.

Nancy Cohen, Author, Sheer Murder
The FRW Cruise with your Muse conference is a great opportunity to mingle with fellow writers, editors, and agents in an informal setting. While workshops offer educational sessions in different tracks, networking is the ultimate goal when you’re all on a ship together for several days! You can relax, have fun, schmooze, and learn--all at the same time while in the company of like-minded people.

Cathy Maxwell, NYT Bestselling Author
I had a remarkable time.  Not only were the workshops informative, but the shore excursions helped build new friendships--and were loads of laughs.

Kathleen Pickering, Author, Where It Began, HQN Superromance
The Florida Romance Writer’s Cruise With Your Muse Conference, in my humble opinion, offers one of the most laid-back atmospheres to either get your feet wet in the writing industry or celebrate your writing career.
There is something about attending writing workshops and mingling with authors, editors and agents aboard a beautiful ocean liner that sets the mood for relaxed, fun and productive results. Fellow Blogger, Nancy Cohen, who writes romance and mysteries has also attended this conference as a workshop presenter.
After three years of conference networking, my career launched as the result of the last Florida Romance Writers Cruise With Your Muse Conference in 2011. I met my editor and agent on board. Networking with them in such a care-free environment helped us get to know each other better without the the stress of “performing.” In these two short years working with my agent and editor, I have signed contracts for four books and another novel is being shopped around as we speak.
I consider that excellent results from attending a Cruise! 

Alexandra Sokoloff, Author & Screenplay writer, The Unseen
The Florida Romance Writers Cruise is an unmissable opportunity for professional and aspiring writers: serious craft workshops, unprecedented access to top agents and editors, wonderful perks (like an evening of psychic readings!) and lifechanging fun with other professional writers. I wrote a third of a book in a week, and danced my- self-off at night while exploring mindblowing Mayan ruins by day.  And all of this in January? What are you waiting for?